Can Coaching Help?

For many people, seeking help can be daunting, especially for couples that are going through a hard time. In the past, the only option available was relationship counseling. However, relationship counseling is a lengthy and often expensive process. Both parties have to explore their attachment and communication patterns as well as family histories. This approach, however, doesn’t work for all couples. 

Relationship coaching has become popular among couples who are not prepared to go through this process but still want to mend their daily intimacy and connection. It’s different from relationship counseling because it assumes that both parties can grow and succeed. Relationship coaching doesn’t focus on what happened in the past. It is focused on the couple’s values and future. It’s useful for addressing problems that are happening in a relationship, such as addictive behaviors, communication, and trust. 

Many couples prefer relationship coaching because they don’t need to talk about family traumas or past relationships. Instead, they focus on the present. Unhealthy coping mechanisms and old patterns are still discussed, but it is focused on finding ways to overcome obstacles and barriers to intimacy and closeness. This is exactly what we want you to experience and enjoy – a healthy relationship that will allow you to grow and mature. Get the relationship advice or help you need today! Visit our contact page to see how you can reach us and get our coaching services.